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Many men resign themselves to accept male-pattern baldness as an inevitable part of growing older. Women who experience hair loss often find it particularly distressing. But you don’t have to live with embarrassing hair loss. At BioviveMD, Kane Lai, MD, is pleased to offer safe, natural treatments for hair loss that also improve your overall health and wellness. BioviveMD specializes in regenerative and anti-aging medicine and has locations in both Denver and Encino, California. To schedule a hair-loss consultation, call the clinic nearest you today, or make an appointment online.

Hair Loss Treatment Q & A

What causes hair loss?

The four primary factors that contribute to hair loss, also called alopecia, are genetics, age, hormone levels, and stress. In addition, certain medications, diet, lifestyle, and other variables can accelerate hair loss.

Loss of head hair is more common in men. Male-pattern baldness typically develops with age and is thought to be a genetic condition triggered by declining hormone levels during andropause, or male menopause. 

Women can also experience hair loss. Female-pattern baldness occurs during menopause, and thyroid disorders and autoimmune conditions are also associated with hair loss in women.

What is the treatment for hair loss?

The experts at BioviveMD offer safe, natural therapies to improve your overall health and enhance hair regrowth in both men and women. Hair-loss treatment begins with a comprehensive physical exam and lab work to help determine the exact cause of your hair loss.

Unlike more invasive treatments or harsh medications, options for treating hair loss at BioviveMD are ideal for scalp preservation and have a low risk of side effects or other complications. These options include:

  • Physician-recommended supplements
  • Physician-supervised detoxification
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle changes

If your provider determines that a hormonal imbalance is contributing to your hair loss, they may recommend bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to restore balance to your endocrine system. 

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

BHRT uses hormone medications that are formulated from plant extracts rather than synthetic hormones. 

Because they’re identical in molecular structure to naturally produced hormones, your body can use bioidentical hormones efficiently and eliminate their waste products completely, just like natural hormones. They’re more effective and less likely to cause side effects than synthetic hormones.

Testosterone therapy can be quite effective for male-pattern baldness, and BHRT can help women with many symptoms of menopause, including hair loss. BHRT is also an option to treat thyroid disorders, which can cause hair loss in both men and women. 

When your hormones are in balance, your overall health improves, so you can enjoy renewed vitality along with enhanced hair regrowth.

For a natural solution to hair loss, schedule an evaluation with an expert physician today. Call the BioviveMD clinic nearest you, or make an appointment online.