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Hormone Replacement Therapy with Pamela Smith, MD and Randy Alvarez

Published June 15, 2012

Hormone Replacement Therapy. Randy Alvarez interviews a4m speaker Pamela Smith, MD Dr. Smith Specializes in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine.
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Bio-Identical Hormones Part 1

Bio-Identical Hormones. Dr Shamim Daya interviewed by Sheila Partridge
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  • I have been on HRT for 14 years and after speaking with my 3 sisters and mom they recommended I look into bioidentical hormones. I found Dr. Lai and he has changed my life!    I sleep now; in fact I had to tell my husband to quit talking to me in the middle of the night as I am sleeping through…Read More
  • "I feel like I've got my life back. I have way more energy and I'm feeling better. The staff is very friendly and profession. I chose the hormone pellet option and it's easy, painless, and I highly recommend Dr Lai to anyone with full confidence." Rob O.Read More
  • "I was a little hesitant to start hormone replacement because of some bad things I'd heard through the grapevine about synthetic hormones. What does synthetic vs bioidentical actually mean in real terms? I am impressed with Dr Lai's knowledge and he always explains things in a way that I can understand. I finally feel normal and have energy, and am…Read More
  • "I feel so much better now after going to see Dr Lai. I can sleep again, I have so much more energy, and I can think and concentrate clearly again. My decision to invest in my health with Dr Lai is one of the best choices I ever made." Andy C.Read More
  • "BioviveMD uses the latest science to make sure that the patient is getting accurate and complete treatment. Their services are not a sideline profit center as part of another practice, it's their focus. They know what they are doing." Doug H.Read More


April 7, 2015

Estrogen: Keeping it Under Control

Estrogen: Keeping it Under Control It’s a simple paradigm. Hormone levels decline as we age. Your doctor verifies that you have low levels. Your doctor gives bioidentical hormones to boost […]

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